About Us

Welcome to Jupiter Nine - where ambition, individuality and a unique aesthetic come together to create a new era of fashion.

Our founding story

Jupiter Nine was founded in 2020 by Kian Jain, a visionary young entrepreneur who already had the dream of his own fashion brand at the age of 14. With a desire for his own cuts, designs and style, he decided against a simple print-on-demand store and instead founded his own brand. The name Jupiter Nine was inspired by his fascination for space and his birth month. But there is much more to the name than just a beautiful sound - it symbolizes ambition and the insatiable drive for creative self-expression.

Our vision

Jupiter Nine is the result of years of hard work and dedication. We believe in individuality and a unique aesthetic that moves away from the mainstream. Inspired by Japanese food posters and monochrome designs, we strive to offer each of our customers a unique retreat from the fashion giants. Our products feature unique cuts and color combinations that embody our vision and aesthetic.

Our production standards

At Jupiter Nine, we go beyond the trend of fast fashion. We do not produce at the expense of our morals or the health of our employees. Our products are made with firm ethical principles and we are proud to achieve fair prices for the average consumer. Every detail of our brand is invested with great care and time to ensure that we can offer our customers not only high quality products, but also a clear good conscious.